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McQueen Reflections

Yesterday was the last day for the Savage Beauty Exhibit at the MET.  Because it was the last day the MET was allowing people to come in until midnight to wait in line to see the other worldly McQueen creations.

My hubs and I had tried to go the past 2 weekends but were scared away by the looming lines wrapping around statues and ancient Chinese bowls.  So last night when we got back from Indiana at 10:30 PM we decided to brave it and hope we were the only ones crazy enough to go that late on a Sunday.  Well there was my small town mindset again.  I should have known this is the city that never sleeps and we were greeted by a 3 1/2 hour long line that wrapped through what seemed like 20 different exhibit spaces in the MET.  We decided to stay and go through the line so we could experience the record breaking event.  I pictured telling my grandchildren when I was 70 that I was one of the last ones (a part of 661,000 people) to see the fashions at 2:30 in the morning (on a work night I might add) with the other crazy NY nuts.  (2:30 might not seem that late to some of you, but I am an avid sleeper and value it very very much)

I bought the audio guide and listened to the whole thing and then passed it to Brad and he listened to the whole thing before we got in.  I do not know that much about appreciating art so knowing the background stories and inspiration is imperative to me. 

Finally, we made it in at 1:30 while the poor MET employees counted down our time in 15 minute increments.  Can I just say that this stuff was just out of control awesome?  I mean what modern designer has had people wait hours and hours to see their work?  McQueen is an art genius. 

I wish I could tell you all I learned by the audio tape and viewing his work.  All I can do is show you some of the pieces that resonated the most with me…  (to see more videos go here - I especially like the “Eye” video)

and yes this is a hat!

And everyone at the exhibit was unashamedly trendy. Staring was huge last night, as everyone was critiquing everyone else.   Here are the fashions I saw the most:

1. Harem Pants

2. Doc Martens with socks (yay 90’s!)

3. Platform Shoes

4. Color blocked sundresses

5. Oreo double stuffed thick framed glasses

6. iPads with head phones

7. top knots

and all around vibrant and bold outfits. 


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